I'm John Kraal

I do information security management things

I also do some software and system engineering, actual bug finding in public projects and products, security abuse prevention stuff. It's all loads of fun.

  1. Everon & EVBox


    Everon and EVBox are powering electric mobility. And I'm helping them do it more securely.

  2. Myself


    Being passive teaches me nothing. I'm still doing low-key security projects on my own when there's need. Contact me on hello@johnkraal.com if you need something. Maybe I can help you. Or point you in the right direction.

  3. Bastion


    Not so stealth start up concept. Working on it. Get caas.

  4. TomTom


    TomTom is well known for creating navigation products. Clearly their consumer product market is shrinking all the time, but they're reinventing themselves as a map, traffic and data powerhouse. They've also figured out this is helpful for stuff like autonomous driving.

    I spent my time here setting up a Governance, Risk and Compliance model with a focus on security, from a new centalised security group called "Information Security Unit".

  5. Bynder


    Bynder makes a digital asset management solution. I tricked Rense in coming to work here. He loves open plan offices.

  6. And so much more

    I worked at Pine Digital Security (now Computest), Humanique, Kewill Interchain, and more. I even worked at Hoogvliet once.